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Business Lines

Business Lines

Save money on your business calls and line rental with our Inclusive packages from Galaxy Numbers

Galaxy 500 Galaxy 750 Galaxy 1000 Galaxy 2000
Inclusive monthly minutes** 500 750 1000 2000
Mobile Calls 8p min 7p min 6p min 5p min
Monthly Cost* £15.99 £19.99 £23.99 £29.99

Once you have exceeded your inclusive minutes calls will be charged at the basic rate in the table below.
** Inclusive Minutes applies to local and national landlines including 01/02/03 and the Access Charge for 0845/0870 numbers. The Access Charge for non-geographical 084/087/09/118 numbers not included within the free minute plans is 7p per minute. The Service Charge for non-geographical numbers is payable at all times and should be displayed wherever the number is advertised.

If you prefer to keep your line rental and calls separate then we offer a basic package that includes per second billing and separate line rental.

Peak (8am – 6pm) Off Peak Weekend
Line Rental* £15.45 per month
Local / National calls* 1.5p min 1.5p min 1.5p min
Mobile Calls* 8p min 8p min 8p min

If you have a BT Feature line and still wish to save on your call costs we can take on your calls only.

We also offer a range of line extras

Additional VPN
Description Monthly Cost*
Call Diversion Re-direct incoming calls to any other telephone number including mobile phones and international numbers. £1.50
Call Waiting When on the phone you will hear 2 beeps alerting you to another incoming call. Using the phone keypad you may wish to answer or hold the call. £1.50
Incoming Call Barring Bar a specific number or withheld numbers from calling in. £1.50
Reminder Call Is like setting an alarm clock, only you can organise a reminder days in advance. You may set daily reminders or a one off reminder. £1.50
Ring Back If you hear an engaged tone when making an outbound call, press 5, wait for a confirmation message and then hang up. When your phone rings again this alerts you that the person you had tried to call is now free and being automatically called. £1.50
Three Way Calling Enables you to speak to 2 different locations at the same time in a three way conversation, or privately to one at a time. You make the first call, and when answered just call the second location. £1.50
Caller Display This will display the number of the incoming call. This will only work on handsets that have the required display screen. £1.50
Call Sign This gives you a second call sign number on the same phone, but the ring tone will have slightly different spacing when the call sign number is dialled. £1.50
1471 Extra Dial 1471 and you will hear details of the last 5 incoming calls including the time and date. £4.99
1571 Set up an answer service on your phone by dialling 1571. If a message has been left you will hear an interrupted dial tone the next time you pick up the handset. You can receive 10 messages each up to 2 minutes long that will be saved for 20 days. £1.50
Smart Divert Smart Divert allows your calls to follow you without you having to use your own phone. You can divert calls to other phone numbers in the UK, abroad and mobile phones. £3.99
Smart Divert with Bypass Is the same as above but for security purposes you are allocated a PIN code to prevent unauthorised usage. £3.99
Presentation Number Allows you to present an alternative phone number that you own when you make outbound calls. Activation charge: £75. £3.50
Choose to Refuse Allows you to block unwanted or nuisance calls from a particular number. You can block that number and remove the block any time you want to. £1.50
Anonymous call rejection This will play a recording to the caller saying that you don’t allow withheld numbers. Only displayed numbers will be able to call you. £1.50

How does it work?

Galaxy Numbers uses a system called Carrier Pre Select (CPS) to route your telephone calls over an alternative network, this allows us to be much cheaper than British Telecom and we pass those savings on to you.

What does it cost to set up?

There is no cost, the set up is entirely free and normally takes 14 days to complete. NB If you require new/additional fixed lines, these can be installed from £99 per line.

What are the benefits?

  • The transfer process is simple and seamless
  • Calls are billed by the second, not by the minute
  • Low call connection fees from just 2p
  • Highly competitive line rental and call costs
  • Lines are maintained by Openreach engineers
  • Faults are investigated within 24 hours

* All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Activation charges may apply.
For full WLR and CPS Terms & Conditions please click here or contact us on 01442 807060 for more information.

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