Virtual receptionist

Virtual Receptionist, or IVR (Intelligent Virtual Receptionist) however it is known, is really beneficial if you have several departments in your business and only one overall business number. It is an automated call handling program that we attach to your phone number and it will ensure that all incoming calls are directed efficiently to the correct department, any time of day.

When a customer dials your number with the Virtual receptionist attached they will be greeted with a welcome message of the businesses choice, confirming they have reached the correct business. This is then swiftly followed by a number of options to choose from so they can direct the call to the correct department. For example, the caller will hear a phrase like this:

” Thank you for calling (Business Name), So we can direct you to the correct department please listen to the following options. For customer care, press 1. For Sales, press 2. For product information, press 3. For the Accounts team, press 4. For press and media, press 5. Or for general enquiries press 6. To listen to the options again please press 9 ”

It is a fantastic tool if you wish to take control of your inbound calls to give your customers a great level of service.

The benefits of Virtual receptionist are many, but I have highlighted a few.

  • Gives your business a professional organised image, directing your customers calls efficiently.
  • Saves staff time directing the calls at your work place.
  • Change the messages to suit your business needs as you develop and grow, for example you may add more departments.
  • Low cost, easy to set up with no extra hardwear needed.
  • Suitable if you have multiple business locations.

For more information please click here. Alternatively email me at or call the team on 0845 056 7777 from a landline, or 01442 442442 from a mobile.

By Dan 30/4/2015