Call Handling

Well, as the sun is shining and we are all stuck inside our offices looking out wishing we booked the day off, I thought I would talk about some of our call handling features that you can have with your lovely business telephone number. Specifically, features I wish our MD had considered so I could have spent the day at home or in the park with my wife and children (or dare I say it, with the boys at the golf course, followed by a cold beer at the 19th hole!)

Lets start with the most common and probably most useful of the call handling features we provide, Call Divert. Yes, you can have your business number diverted in an instant to a mobile phone, home landline (or any landline you choose). Choose up to 5 different destinations, so if you are busy on the phone, or just unable to take the call your business never need miss a call again.

If, however you are happy for your customers to leave a voice message, then we can accommodate that for you as well. We can even send the voicemail to an email address of your choice. This lets you save your voice messages to file, so you can access your voice messages via your PC, Laptop, tablet and smart phone even when you don’t have access to your office or work phone.

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More call handling information coming over the next few days.

By Dan